Program Overview

The diocesan Safe Environment Program consists of the following components:

  • background check and screening program for clergy, religious, lay employees, educators and covered volunteers. It is diocesan policy that background checks and screening be completed before a person assumes his or her position or begins volunteer service; there can be no compromises or exceptions regarding this aspect of our Safe Environment Program.
  • The Protecting God’s Children program is designed to educate clergy, religious, employees, educators and volunteers in ways and means to establish and maintain a safe environment for children and youth.
  • The Touching Safety and alternative program – Children & Youth Personal Safety – are designed to provide children and youth the tools they need to overcome the advances of someone who intends to do them harm. These two programs are designed to assist parents and teachers in this important task. It is of vital importance that every child and every youth in our Catholic schools, religious education programs and parish youth programs be given the opportunity to take part in this critical element of our Safe Environment Program. Here again, there can be no compromises or short-cuts taken.

All of the above components of our diocesan program are in full compliance with the requirements of the USCCB’s Office for the Protection of Children and Youth. Bishop Felipe J. Estévez has directed that the program be fully implemented and continue to be fully implemented in each parish, school and agency of the diocese.

We will continue to evaluate all of the components of our Safe Environment Program. Whenever changes are called for, or improvements are possible, we will strive to implement them expeditiously.


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