Teaching Safety Program Curriculum for Children and Youth

Child sexual abuse is a chronic, under-reported tragedy in the United States. Studies cited by Prevent Child Abuse America estimate that at least 20% of American women and 5-16% of American men experienced some form of sexual abuse as children. Sexual abuse can occur in all populations, at all socioeconomic and educational levels and across all racial and cultural groups. The hopeful news is that child sexual abuse is preventable — if children, parents, and schools are armed with the knowledge and tools that help them prevent abuse.

Each year, the Diocese of St. Augustine provides age-appropriate lessons for children and youth in parish religious education classes, youth ministry programs, and Catholic schools.

The Teaching Safety and alternative program – Children & Youth Personal Safety – are designed to provide children and youth the tools they need to overcome the advances of someone who intends to do them harm. These two programs are designed to assist parents and teachers in this important task. It is of vital importance that every child and every youth in our Catholic schools, religious education programs, and parish youth programs be given the opportunity to take part in this critical element of our Safe Environment Program. Here again, there can be no compromises or short-cuts made.

For information about the lesson plans and education for our children, contact one of the following directors:

Letter from Bishop Felipe J. Estévez [English] [Spanish]

Introduction & Implementation Instructions

Overview of the Teaching Safety Program [English] [Spanish]

Teaching Safety Parent Opt-Out Form [English] [Spanish]

High School Lesson Plans/Materials [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
High School Lesson Plans/Materials (Spanish) [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
High School Parent Letter [English] [Spanish]

Grades 6-8 Lesson Plans/Materials [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades 6-8 Lesson Plans/Materials (Spanish) [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades 6-8 Parent Letter [English] [Spanish]

Grades 3-5 Lesson Plans/Materials [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades 3-5 Lesson Plans/Materials (Spanish) [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades 3-5 Parent Letter [English] [Spanish]

Grades K-2 Lesson Plans/Materials [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades K-2 Lesson Plans/Materials (Spanish) [Lesson 1] [Lesson 2]
Grades K-2 Parent Letter [English] [Spanish]